Art Supplies Available

This is a list of the supplies available in the art supply room.  On the month that you do your own lesson plan, feel free to use any of the following materials.  Please let us know if you notice we are low or in need of something.

Tempera paint (various colors)

Water color paint (various colors)

Black acrylic paint

Paint brushes (small, med, large bristle)

Paint containers


Colored Pencils


Drawing pencils

Charcoal pencils

Oil pastels

Aerosol hairspray (to set chalk or pastel projects)

Rubber erasers for pastels or chalks

Plaster 4 molding

Molding clay

8 1/2 x 11 Colored construction paper

18 x 24 white paper

White tissue paper (in large sheets)

Reusable plastic cups


Sand Paper


Pop cycle sticks

Liquid glue

Black alphabet stamp set


Glitter (gold)

Plastic wrap (large roll)

Misc: beads, nails, wallpaper scraps for collage, scrapbook stickers,