Monday, February 6, 2012

Tissue Paper Hearts

This is a classic project you might remember doing when you were in grade school. 
Age Group: K-3

Supplies Needed:
* Tissue paper in varying colors, cut in about 2" x 2" squares.
(*Note* there is white tissue paper in the art supply room but you will need to provide the other colors yourself).
* Desired shape cut out in construction paper or card stock (I used hearts for this one.  You could use shamrocks in March, eggs in April, etc.)
* Glue
* Pencils

We talked about the color wheel: primary colors, warm and cool colors.  (You can check out a big color wheel poster from the school library for a great visual).  I showed them a few paintings from the library collection and we discussed how warm colors make you feel as compared to how cool colors.  Next, we decided that since we see a lot of red and pink around Valentine's Day, we would do our hearts in "warm colors."

To begin the project, take one small square of tissue paper, wrap it around the eraser side of a pencil, dip it the glue, and stick to the construction paper.  Repeat, repeat, repeat!  This project turns out so pretty, but it took longer than I thought.  My second graders worked for almost an hour to finish.

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