Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Harold and the Purple Crayon - K-1 lesson

This is a lesson plan based on the book Harold and The Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson.  The target age for this lesson is kindergarten to first grade.  In this lesson, students will learn how to utilize their imagination to create art using basic shapes and minimal color.  This lesson plan was written by Misty Ivie.

Name:            Misty Ivie        Grade Level: K         Group Size:   Whole Class
Subject/Topic:  Art
Lesson Length: 45 minutes         

What Taught
Teaching Objective:            Students will explore shapes and how they influence art.


Major Concepts:  shapes, imagination

How Evaluated
Behavioral Objective (ABCD objective):  Students will use five shapes to create an imaginative artwork.

How Taught (Direct Instruction)
State Management Expectations!
Good listening.  Eyes on me. 

Anticipatory Set:  15min
Start at rug.  Read Harold and the Purple Crayon. (while reading, have students draw in the air with their "purple crayon" the shapes Harold is drawing).

Discuss imagination (like looking at clouds). Use large circles, squares, and triangles to imagine what else they could be.

Objective: Create imaginative artwork using the color purple and shapes.

            * Input - Real Artists use their imagination to create pictures from shapes. Using my imagination what could I add to this shape to create something else? *Repeat with shapes.  

            *Modeling – Watch how I put glue around the edge of the shape 2 times and then smooth down the edges. Now let’s add some detail (press hard with crayon!)Glue large shapes onto large black poster board and create new images based on student suggestions.

            *Check for Understanding –Listen to student responses

Guided Practice:  Each of you will have a bag at your desk with 5 purple shapes in it and a black piece of paper.  When you get to your seat, take out the shapes and see what new shapes you can make using your imagination.  Then add detail with your purple crayon. 

Students make imaginative shapes on paper.  Walk around and encourage ideas.

Closure: Just like real artists, you used your imagination to create your artwork today.

I expect good listening.
Eyes on me.
Don’t use scissors.
Only use purple crayons.

Procedures: Shapes are precut and sorted into individual bags.  Crayons are handed out at desks.

Fast finisher:
When you finish tell a friend at your table about what you imagined on your artwork.

Harold and The Purple Crayon
Black Construction Paper
Purple Paper Shapes in 23 baggies
Purple Crayons
Purple Glitter Glue
Black foam core board with large purple shapes
Large glue stick

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